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2011 here we come! New House, Quick Update.

Great things are happening here at TCH. 2011 is going to be a season we won’t soon forget. ┬áHere’s a quick update on what’s going on. Happy New Year!

Thanks to all of the help, the new Cycling House is coming together nicely.

Great views and great pictures from Tom Robertson Photography.

Our new part-time staffer Alison S. did amazing work in the store!

Ty and Andy building up our new bike rack.

Great minds problem solving.

Our garage space has tripled in size. Bring a jersey to put on the wall!

Anya and Brendan preparing for New Years Eve and the 2011 season at TCH. We are happy Brendan made it! He drove 31 hours through some of the worst weather the imaginable.

This is by far the most exciting addition to our upcoming season. A fully automatic Jura espresso machine. This was an anonymous gift from a very amazing person. It hasn't stopped pulling shots since we took it out of the box!

Thanks for reading! More to come soon…

Sowing success (and tasty goodness)

Well, spring is almost here (in Tucson that is). We had our 8 days of cold weather a couple weeks ago, so 70s and sunshine should be the trend until July brings the summer monsoons. Okay, that may be a bit optimistic, but planting some winter vegetables and a herb garden in late December is not.

Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Sage, Basil and, ready for it, Mint (Mojitos)

On the agenda for tomorrow are the root vegetables, lettuces, swiss chard, onions, broccolli and a few other surprises. We’ve also started some tomatoes and peppers inside and with any luck we’ll have sweet red tomatoes ready to pluck by Valentine’s Day.

Salad for 50

And the view from The Cycling House kitchen…. Not too shabby.

yes please, I'll take seconds

Arizona Trail Jamboree Fundraiser approaching

TCH will be supporting the AZT Jamboree Fundraiser Ride on January 15, 2011. The Jamboree is a 35-mile ride, followed by BBQ, beer, and camaraderie- all in the name of singletrack.

The Arizona Trail is an 800+ mile recreational trail connecting mountains, canyons, deserts, forests, and historic sites throughout Arizona as it stretches from Utah to Mexico. It’s sweet singletrack and almost all of it is open to bikes. Genius!

Just one of many beautiful miles of singletrack


The Cycling House is helping promote and organize this event for the second year in a row. Make it out if you can for a great day of trail riding for a the sake of trails!