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A Whirlwind of Fun

Since our fist camp ended on January 9th we’ve had some great people visit us from all over – some new to the house and even more that are returning guests.

Looking east from the top of Gates Pass

We’ve also had:

1) Brendan run a 2:38 Marathon in Phoenix

2) Owen turn a year older

Anya makes a mean carrot cake

3) TCH volunteer shuttle services at the Arizona Trail Jamboree Fundraiser to help raise funds for singletrack

A portion of trail that was part of the AZT Jamboree route on Jan 15th

4) The world’s best ceviche

Ty's shrimp and snapper ceviche is always a crowd pleaser on a warm day

5) The top of Mount Lemmon – twice.

Three good friends from Toronto made it out to conquer Lemmon together after snow turned them back last year

And of course, lots more sunny miles and silly antics.

You can't hide from the Miltster

Mike and Steve enjoying a 75 degree day

The new swimming pool size dutch oven has been fun to cook with

Stellar first camp of 2011!

Our first TCH camp of 2011 was a huge success. We had nine riders from Alaska, Pennslvania, Washington, Illinios, Wyoming, and Montana.

Brendan leads the group out to Madera Canyon

Highlights for the week- roughly 230 miles, 14,000 feet, 20 massages, a pork shoulder, some ceviche, a hike in Catalina State Park, and small group out on the mountain bikes at 50-year trail.

Ryan, Kevin, John and Mark try to out run Brendan to the top of Madera

We had some strong female riders this camp.

Christie enjoying the open roads

Jennifer just three miles from the top of the Madera Canyon climb