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High Altitude Training Camp – Vail, CO

The Cycling House is teaming up with Colorado’s premier high altitude training center Dogma Athletica on this unique camp. Our goal is to provide a training and coaching experience designed to maximize the fitness benefits for cyclists, triathletes and Xterra racers seeking a solid block of altitude training.


June 18th – 24th – Xterra Primer for Beaver Creek Xterra in Vail, CO.

June 25th – July 1st – Road Camp. Ride and Race Parts of the Colorado Pro Cycling Challenge

These two epic high altitude camps are based out of a luxurious home located just outside of Vail. You will be sleeping and recovering in wonderful accommodations at over 8,000 ft to maximize the high altitude adaptations. Not only will this camp offer all the staple TCH services, we will also be offering metabolic testing including threshold and VO2 tests, body composition analysis, coaching consultations and analysis of power and heart rate. We will also offer yoga for cyclistsas well as cycling specific strength programs to help you be stable and strong on the bike. These camps are devised to create a big bump in your early seasons fitness and to give you knowledge so that you can stay strong and fast through the rest of your summer season. Along with tired legs and great memories you will have numbers and solid plan to take home with you.

This camp has so much to offer. Please visit the official pageif you are interested in learning more.

Tom Danielson racing through Vail, CO in the Time Trial

  • All-Inclusive Training Camp
  • Fantastic Accommodations
  • Healthy, Tasty & Nutritious Meals
  • Race CO PRO Cycling Challenge T.T.
  • Ride the “Leadville Loop” with climbs over 11,000 feet!
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Vo2 Max Testing
  • BMI Analysis
  • Professional Guides
  • Coaching & Training Programs
  • Open water swim clinic options
  • Prime Trail Runs
  • Beautiful views
  • Cycling Yoga Class

Jess Cerra of Fit Food Joins The Cycling House

We are excited to announce that Jess Cerra, founder of Fit Food by Jess, will be joining The Cycling House as head chef for an extended period of time this winter.

When she's not riding bikes, running or swimming, you can find Jess in the kitchen (and in her element).

Jess (originally from Whitefish, MT) prepares fresh, healthy, seasonal food customized for busy families and athletes alike.  Jess started Fit Food by Jess in 2009 as a small private chef and catering company in San Diego.  In just three years Fit Food has grown to specialize in tailoring meals for professional athletes as well as local triathlon and cycling camps in the San Diego area. Having Jess at The Cycling House is a real privilege and we looking forward to working with her.

Fresh fruits are a staple at The Cycling House

In 2007, while finishing her M.S. in Exercise Physiology, a professor introduced Jess to competitive mountain biking.  This inspired Jess to try her first triathlon in 2008, an XTERRA off-road triathlon.  In 2010, during Jess’s third year racing XTERRA, she won the USA Championship amateur title.  She then turned professional in 2011, finishing  the season with a 6th place ranking on the XTERRA USA Tour and top 10 at both XTERRA USA and World Championships.

Persimmon Salad

As a professional athlete, Jess is able to understand the challenges athletes face nutritionally.  Combining her knowledge of training and competing with her knowledge of physiology and nutrition, allows Jess to make the perfect meals for The Cycling House.  The food is wholesome, flavorful, and geared towards fueling all realms of training and recovery.  You can also check out Fit Food by Jess in Triathlete magazine, where Jess writes a recipe and cooking column bi-monthly.

Jess, racing an Xterra

Athletic Career Highlights:
USAT Elite Off-Road License, 2011
USA Cycling Cat 1 License (MTB), 2009-present
2011 XTERRA World Championship, 10th, pro female
2011 XTERRA USA Championship, 10th, pro female
2011 XTERRA America Tour, 6th, pro female
2011 XTERRA East Championship, 5th, pro female
2011 Kenda-Specialized MTB Marathon Invitational, 2nd, pro female
2011/2010/2009 Glacier Challenge Multisport Race, 1st/2nd/1st, solo female
2010 XTERRA USA Championship, 1st female amateur
2010/2009 XTERR World Championship, 3rd, AG 25-29
2010 San Diego Winter MTB XC Invitational, 1st, pro female
2009 Kenda West Cup, 3rd, Cat 1 female