Cycling House Featured in New York Times

Our upcoming Mallorca (Majorca) trips were recently featured in a New York Times article by Rachel Lee Harris. Her article does a great job at explaining what we do at The Cycling House and what our guests can expect when joining us on an awesome cycling experience.


Our Mallorca trips are quickly approaching with just a few spots remaining. Our first trip starts on May 2nd and we’ll run trips all the way into June. Checkout the Majorca trip page for more information. Call us at 406-370-7601 or email us to learn more about our trips.

Cycling House Staff are always up for a good time

Cycling House Staff are always up for a good time

Interesting note. The article uses the english version of the island’s name, Majorca. Both spellings are correct and Mallorca (the version we normally use) is the spanish way of spelling the island’s name.

Mallorca Cycling Camp

Majorca Cycling Trip at The Cycling House

NYtimes Cycling House

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