Come attend one of the most progressive, best-supported, customizable, and fun cycling and triathlon camps in the world. We hold cycling, triathlon and mountain bike camps across the United States mainly in  Tucson, AZ,  Colorado and Montana.  Our European camps are held in Mallorca, Spain, Italy and France. The Cycling House Camps are for folks who are passionate about riding bike (and swimming and running) and are looking for a great week of exercise coupled with a vacation as well.  At our camps you will receive the same Cycling House amenities and services displayed on the House, coupled with tailored training and scheduling put together by The Cycling House staff, maximizing your time with us. Whether you’re a road racer looking to upgrade in category, a cyclist looking to train for that big century or Gran Fondo, a triathlete looking to complete your first Ironman or 70.3 or a veteran Ironman triathlete looking to break 10 hours at the Ironman World Championships, The Cycling House Camps are for you.

Cycling House StaffThis is our company and we love what we do. We’ve been providing the Ultimate Cycling Trip Experience since 2005.  We are passionate about delivering an unforgettable experience to our guests.




Glacier National Park Cycling Tour


Cycling Trip Through Glacier National Park | September 2014 | $1995 | Check It Out Here

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Tour de Montana

Tour de Montana Cycling Trip

Point-to-Point Camping Tour through Montana  |  July 2015  |  $1495 | Check It Out Here

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Tucson, Arizona Winter Cycling & Triathlon Camps

TUCSON, AZ winter cycling trip

Cycling & Triathlon Warm Winter Training Camp | January – April, 2015 | $1795-$1995 | Check It Out Here

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Mountain Bike Trips


Whitefish, MT Endless Single Track | August, 2014 | $1795 | Check It Out Here

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Mallorca, Spain Cycling Trip

Spain Cycling Trip

All-inclusive European Trip | Chef Prepared Food | Stunning Rides | May 2015 | Check It Out Here


French Alps


 Epic Cycling and Climbing | Annecy, France | September 2015 |

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Provence France

Provence France Cycling Trip

Provence, France | Mont Ventoux | June 2015 | All-inclusive European Cycling Trip |

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Montana Hell Ride – A One Day Epic Cycling Event

Montana Hell Ride - Montana Gran Fondo


145 Miles | 10,600 Feet of Climbing | 50% Dirt Road | “The Last Best Ride” | Learn More Here

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This is our company , we love what we do. We look forward to riding bikes with you soon!

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Cycling House Staff

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As a Cycling House visitor you’ll become more educated with regards to sports nutrition and how to fuel properly before, during, and after workouts. You can learn about training techniques and new technology to complement your training. For our camps, we’ve added more structure to the normal Cycling House protocol to show our visitors great cycling, swimming and running workouts. We balance these workouts with meal times, core workout sessions, coaching advice, fueling guidance and most importantly, downtime and recovery.

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Coaching & Structure

At our camps you have the opportunity to receive coaching advise from our staff but it’s not mandatory or pushy. Most of our visitors already have a triathlon or cycling coach which is great. The main focus is to get in the sunny miles on the bike.  We have structure to the camp but not too much because we want to allow for recovery, downtime and the week to naturally develop.  In regards to nutrition, we will show you how to maximize your performance by using Hammer Nutrition’s fueling protocol.

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At our camps, we want our visitors to have an absolute blast. At our camps we make sure that our visitors are surrounded with a laid-back environment that encourages a fun, social atmosphere that permeates the house. We want you to feel like The Cycling House is your home away from home. On training rides, we encourage people to ride at their own pace and not feel pressured into riding above their ability. We want everybody to enjoy the ride!

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Let Us Host Your Next Cycling or Triathlon Camp

Do you want to put together a training camp but don’t want to deal with the logistics of hotels, good food, ride routes, rental vans, mechanics and everything else that takes the fun out of training? Why not offer your group an amazing camp that they will never forget? Skip the hotels, eating out at mediocre establishments and getting lost. The Cycling House is the smart and easy way to offer a training camp.

The Cycling House has hosted a multitude of various camps. From coaching services who want to bring their clients together for great one-on-one advice and education, for cycling and triathlon companies who want to get riders familiar with their products, or maybe for groups looking for a fun and healthy retreat, The Cycling House is the place to make your camps aspirations happen. We offer a turn-key program for companies and groups to make their dream camp a reality.