The Racers’ Roost

The Cycling House is excited to announce The Racers’ Roost! The Racers’ Roost will bring the same great concepts The Cycling House has offered for the past 7 years and apply them to Ironman racing.  The Racers’ Roost will provide the perfect environment to have, “The ultimate racing experience”.  The focus will shift from training to racing by providing a stress free environment allowing you to sit back, relax, recover, and get ready for a new personal record.  Lavish accommodations, healthy food, staff race experience, mechanic support, massage therapists, transportation, airport pick-up, and nutritional support will be a small taste of the offered amenities.  The Racers’ Roost promises to deliver a first class “Pro” treatment that helps to make your Ironman dreams a reality!

TCH Knowledge

Knowledge and Special Guests

We will provide our own personal insight on each Ironman course prior to your race. The staff is well versed in Ironman racing and Brendan has trained, raced, and studied each of the individual Ironman courses.  We will have optional nightly discussions covering race nutrition, mental preparation, tactics, and any other elements of Ironman racing.  Each of The Racers’ Roost camps will have a night or two where one or two professional triathletes will join us for dinner.  They will be able to provide their own personal experiences and insights to racing Ironman.  Brendan Halpin is also a seasoned professional triathlete and will be on staff full-time.

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Tapering. Rides, runs and swims

Our rides are guided and supported by professional riders who are there for you – your domestique, if you will. We’ll pre-ride sections of the race course and keep the blade sharp with runs and swims.

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Amazing Food

The food at The Racers’ Roost much will be one of the main highlights.  Our professional chef, Ty Brookhart, will deliver nutritious and healthy meals that will have you well fueled for Ironman.  We always accommodate for any allergies, food preferences, or general distastes.  If you have a favorite pre-race meal, chances are we can make it happen.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will utilize all the fresh ingredients from the region.  A Jura automatic espresso machine will fill all of your caffeinated desires. Check out a sample menu of what you might expect to eat while staying with us.

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First Class Accommodations

The Racers’ Roost will have luxurious accommodations providing a spacious and relaxing environment much like The Cycling House.  The house will be in close proximity to each of the Ironman venues.  Rooms are typically double occupancy, or single occupancy will be offered upon request.  The house will have a well stocked kitchen, a spacious living area, and a fun yet quiet environment.  Couples are welcome but unfortunately we can not accommodate entire families.

TCH Transportation

Transportation and Mechanical Support

The Racers’ Roost experience will start once you step off the plan with curbside pickup.  The special treatment will not stop there and racers will avoid the hassle of parking, navigating, and rental vehicles because we will handle all of your transportation needs.  Racers will be dropped off for pre-swims, rides, runs, packet pick-up accompanied by one of our expert staff and then picked up curb-side when finished.  We will also offer some fun optional pre & post race outings to some of the local attractions. There will be a professional mechanic on staff to fine tune your racing machine.  We require that you have your bicycle race ready when you arrive but our mechanic will be able to build, clean, and fine tune your bicycle if something has been knocked during shipping or goes awry during the preride.  We promise to have your bicycle clean and fast come race day!

TCH Products


The Racers Roost will also be able to offer use of our TRX , Hammer Nutrition, Zoot, Garmin, and CycleOps power-tap product demos.  In addition we will have Hed  wheels, Giro aerodynamic helmets, and other great products available for rent.  Feel free to inquire about our rental options.

2012 Race Schedule

  • Ironman Canada; August 22-27 2012 (additional days available)
  • Ironman Hawaii; October 9-15 2012 (additional days available)
  • Ironman Arizona; November 14-19 2012 (additional days available)