Tucson, AZ

Tucson, Arizona is our staple location every winter. With steady temps and a good mix of terrain to ride, trails to run, and outdoor swimming pools, it should come as no surprise that The Cycling House lives in Tucson. Tucson is arguably the best winter training destination in the world for endurance for cyclists and triathletes and our camps are perfect for riders of all ability levels looking to get away from their cold winter climates for a few days. Whether you’re a road racer looking to upgrade in category, a cyclist looking to train for that big century or Gran Fondo, a triathlete looking to complete your first Ironman or 70.3 or a veteran Ironman triathlete looking to break 10 hours at the Ironman World Championships, we have specific camps and the adaptability to ensure an unforgettable training experience.

Tucson Cycling & Triathlon Camps

Tucson Dates

  • December 9th – 14th. Moots Cycling Camp. Fully Booked
  • January 13th – 18th. Mountain Bike Camp with Todd Wells
  • January 20th – 25th – Cycling Camp. Fully Booked
  • January 27th – Feb 1st – Long Distance Ironman Triathlon Camp
  • February 3rd – 8th. Cycling and Triathlon Camp. Base Miles and Climbing.
  • Feburary 10th – 15th. Climbing Specific Camp.
  • February 17th – 22nd. Cycling and Triathlon Camp
  • February 24th – March 1st. Cycling and Triathlon Camp.
  • March 3rd – 8th. Big Shark Cycling Camp.
  • March 10th – 15th. Cycling and Triathlon Camp.
  • March 17th – 22nd. Long Distance Ironman Triathlon Camp
  • March 24th – 29th Triathlon Camp. Fully Booked.
  • March 31st – April 5th. Cycling and Triathlon Camp.

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