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Cycling House Featured in New York Times

Our upcoming Mallorca (Majorca) trips were recently featured in a New York Times article by Rachel Lee Harris. Her article does a great job at explaining what we do at The Cycling House and what our guests can expect when joining us on an awesome cycling experience.


Our Mallorca trips are quickly approaching with just a few spots remaining. Our first trip starts on May 2nd and we’ll run trips all the way into June. Checkout the Majorca trip page for more information. Call us at 406-370-7601 or email us to learn more about our trips.

Cycling House Staff are always up for a good time

Cycling House Staff are always up for a good time

Interesting note. The article uses the english version of the island’s name, Majorca. Both spellings are correct and Mallorca (the version we normally use) is the spanish way of spelling the island’s name.

Mallorca Cycling Camp

Majorca Cycling Trip at The Cycling House

NYtimes Cycling House

A Few Words From Our Scholarship Recipient

By Daniel Holmdahl

I want to share some episodes with you from my experience as the scholarship recipient for the Cycling House’s scholarship program.

As any cyclist who aspires to race well but who also has a job or an academic commitment knows, time is the major constraint to how much training you can fit in your life. Add several inches of snow; temperatures well below zero, an eight week sick-period due to a compressed vertebra, and you have a good estimate of the starting point for my pre-season training block.

Cycling Camp Tucson - Cycling House

I am the president of the Dartmouth College Cycling Team. This is my last year of collegiate racing, and my fourth year racing on a bike. I applied for the Cycling House (TCH) scholarship, not to get ahead of my competition, but to be on par with the other racers in the men’s A category, once the season gets rolling in March. Having just returned from a hard ride on familiar New England roads and Strava segments, I have reason to believe my visit to the Cycling House in Tucson did the trick.

My favorite ride of the week was Saguaro National Park

My favorite ride of the week was Saguaro National Park

My time at TCH was in one word, fabulous. I’ve never felt more pro in my life. I woke up every morning to an espresso machine ready to caffeinate me until steam started seeping from my ears, homemade granola made with love, a washed and folded kit, a tuned bike, and a planned route for the day. What is not to love?

During the rides with TCH there was something for everyone. Although I was among the faster ones in the group, the staff did a great job keeping the group together or providing alternative routes for faster and slower riders. Despite a wide spectrum of abilities there was a strong sense of community during and after the rides. This community feeling was further enhanced by the accommodations in the house. By sharing a house and eating together I got to know other campers and the staff in a very informal and relaxed way. This was a great way to exchange experiences and grow as a cyclist also while off the bike.

We had a crew that loved to ride but more importantly loved to have fun!

We had a crew that loved to ride but more importantly loved to have fun!

My favorite ride (yes, Mt. Lemmon was great, too) was probably this little loop inside Saguaro National Park. The staff described it as MTB for a road bike, and it is nothing less. An amazingly twisty and rolling loop with one-way traffic where you can speed by cactuses at 30+ mph. I’m sure this will do me well during the many criterium races this spring.

Our group at The Cycling House

Our group at The Cycling House

Although the rides were beautiful and the weather was everything I could have hoped for, two things that really stood out to me were the staff and the food. Never have I ever met such a friendly group of people that are 100% committed to make my time as great as possible and to let me to focus on nothing but my training. They even took out my plate after dinner! And what dinners! Zander was the cook in charge while I visited, and with each and every meal he hit the bulls eye of my taste buds. Everything was made from scratch and tasted of heaven.

Now that I’m back in the New Hampshire cold with only dull campus food to fuel my engine it is hard not to let the mind wander back to the sunny days in Tucson. If I ever get the chance again, I will not only let my mind wander back but take my body and bike with me, because this is something worth coming back for!

Another beautiful sunset at The Cycling House in Tucson

Another beautiful sunset at The Cycling House in Tucson

Before signing off, I would like to thank the Cycling House for giving me this opportunity. Second to time and weather, money is a major limitation to the training and racing of collegiate cyclists. Few schools provide economic support for cycling, as it remains a club sport in most places. My team and I are working hard to lower the financial barrier to the sport through solicitation letters and sponsorship deals. If it weren’t for the generosity of the American cycling community I would not be where I am today. Thank you, all of you! – Dartmouth Daniel

HED Ardennes vs. Ardennes PLUS

HED has come out with a 25mm plus version of their popular Ardennes line. Also coming out in the near future will be the 25mm plus version of the Jet. We’ve been fielding lots of questions on the differences between the normal and plus. We’ll try to answer some of the more popular questions here:

Cycling House HED WHEELS Review

If I’m running a 25 tire should I use the Plus?

You can run almost any tire on both these rims (even tubeless). In our opinion the ideal tire for both sets is a 23/25/28. For cross applications we like the plus a bit better. Since the Ardennes is not a true “aero” wheelset we don’t think it matters to get that super flush look with a 23 rim to 23 tire (25 rim to 25 tire). The one common denominator for both Ardennes types is that we wouldn’t use a tire smaller then 23. It kind of defeats the point of running a wider rim. If all you got is a 22 then roll with it, but your next set should be 23 or 25.

I don’t race, but I ride a ton and I want a wheel upgrade?

We like both the normal and plus versions. I think for hardcore recreational road riders the plus is a little bit of a group ride party favor. ”Hey look what I’ve got?!” We can feel differences between the regular and plus in handling situations (cx, tech road descents, gravel grinders). For the 50 mile group road ride, the benefits on paper would be better rolling resistance and the ability to run lower pressure. Are you going to feel that on the 50 miler? Most folks won’t in our opinion.

Buy some New HED Ardennes Wheels on our Store Here

What is the plus good for?

We think the plus version of the Ardennes are fantastic for gravel roads, criterium racing, and cyclocross racing. We also think they are a solid option for a do everything, racing, training wheelset. They are built tough. The wider rim spreads the tire out and allows for better cornering and handling. We’ve also sold a couple sets for light touring. Particularly the plus in a stallion build (20/28) is a great option for some light bicycle travel.

Plans for our next 2 months in Tucson, AZ

We have some great camps on tap for the next couple of months. Here is a quick overview of what we are planning in Tucson, AZ.

El Tour de Tucson Cycling Camp

November 19th-24th | $1495
If you’re into a last minute getaway you should come on down to Tucson. It’s an amazing time of year to be in the desert and El Tour is a bucket list for cyclists all over the world. More info on this camp here.

Cycling House crew getting ready to head up Mount Lemmon

Cycling House crew getting ready to head up Mount Lemmon


Moots Owners Camp

December 5th-10th
We’ll be hosting the amazing folks from Moots Bicycles for the 2nd Annual Moots Owner’s Cycling Camp. It’s a special group of riders and we love hosting them. If you own a Moots and you want a fun cycling trip with other Moots people, drop us a line!

Moots Cycling Camp at The Cycling House


Ben Hoffman Tri Camp

January 4th-9th | $1695
This will be our 3rd annual camp with Ben Hoffman. It’s always a great time having Ben at The Cycling House and our riders always learn a ton during their week at camp with Ben and our Cycling House staff. More info on this camp here.

Triathlon camp Tucson ben hoffman


Mid January Cycling Camp

January 11th-16th | $1695

The perfect post way to kick off the winter training season. More info on this camp here.

Tucson Mid January Cycling Camp


Contact us if you’d like to learn more about these or other upcoming camp. We look forward to hearing from you!

 To view all of our Tucson, AZ camp schedules click here.

Huge Congrats at Ironman Kona World Championships!

The Cycling House would like to extend a huge congratulations to 2 of our favorite professionals. If you are looking for a good training trip this winter check out our camps featuring Ben Hoffman & Linsey Corbin.

Fun times training at The Cycling House / Tri Camp with Linsey Corbin

Fun times training at The Cycling House / Tri Camp with Linsey Corbin

Ben Hoffman, 15th professional (2nd American), 8:36

Linsey Corbin, 10th professional (3rd American), 9:17

We also had several veterans of The Cycling House racing the Ironman World Championships. Huge congrats to these folks as well!

Rebecca McKee, 29th 40-44 age group, 11:01

Larkin Carter, 25th 50-54 age group, 10:09

Taylor Dudley, 110th 40-44 age group, 9:59

Martha Dudley, 36th 50-54, 12:34

John Bursell, 119th 45-49, 10:35

Jeremy Angle, 129th 30-34, 10:06

Amazing, inspiring and motivating performances by The Cycling House family. I hope everyone enjoys a couple days of R&R in Hawaii!

Crested Butte, CO – Here we come!

The Cycling House Mountain Bike Camp

Bring on the golden aspens and epic single track! The Cycling House Crew is off to Crested Butte, CO for a few weeks of living the high alpine mountain bike lifestyle. Follow us here for pictures and updates.

Mountain Bike Camp Video – Cycling House Crested Butte



Crested Butte Mountain bike Camp -The Cycling House

Crested Butte Mountain bike Camp -The Cycling House

Cycling House In The Press

We’re proud to have been featured in the following cycling and triathlon publications.

Bicycling Magazine



“Tackle Mount Lemmon by Day and rest your legs in this sprawling mansion by night. The Cycling House…” – Bicycling Magazine | November, 2012



The Cycling House in Bicycling Magazine

The Cycling House in Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling Mag2











The Bicycling Magazine Editors stayed at The Cycling House in February 2012. Below are pictures and story of their stay with us.

Main Bicycling

Bicycling Magazine at The Cycling House


 Inside Triathlon Magazine

Inside Triathlon Magazine | The Cycling House

“The Cycling House helps triathletes improve their riding skills at weeklong camps around the world…” – Inside Triathlon |  July/August 2013 Issue | Pages 20 &  58


 Inside Triathlon Magazine The Cycling House     Inside Triathlon The Cycling House      Inside Triathlon 4


Road Magazine



“The Cycling House specializes in treating their guests like pros, giving you 100% support from start to end…Not only doe these guys provide rolling support and encouragement, they create a fun atmosphere in the house…” – ROAD Magazine

- February 2012 Issue | Pages 50 & 51

ROAD Magazine, The Cycling HouseROAD Magazine, The Cycling House   ROAD Magazine, The Cycling House


 Missoulian Newspaper

The Cycling House Missoulian

“…Now, four years later, The Cycling House, which provides fitness vacations and training camps for  amateur  cyclists and triathletes, is a contender in a niche fitness market.”

- Missoulian, November 2009. Checkout the Article here.

Cycling Camp article - Missoulian


The Cycling House Missoulian“Now, after seven years, The Cycling House – which is headquartered in Missoula and has a winter training facility in Tucson, Ariz. – is going international and expanding its services”. – Missoulian, August 2011 Checkout the article here. 




“The Cycling House has it nailed!” – Tri Mag 2011


Endurance News


Racecenter NW


“The Cycling House is an endurance sports sanctuary,… an all-inclusive training destination for people driven to improve, willing to learn and have an absolute blast” – Summer 2010 – Race Center Northwest


Cycling Camp Article at The Cycling HouseCycling Camp Article Cycling House


Freeplay Magazine

“With 8 years of experience running their training camps The Cycling House has really found its flow. The camps offer fully guided rides with sag support and freshly made food ready for the athletes when they get back from a big day on the bike .” –   See Article here

ROAD Magazine, The Cycling House

Cycling and Triathlon Camps in Tucson, AZ

Cycling Camp | Triathlon Camp – Tucson, AZ


Cycling Camp in Tucson, AZ

Cycling Camp in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, Arizona has been a cycling and triathlon training destination for years. Endurance athletes make the pilgrimage to this desert mecca to ride Mount Lemmon, Gates Pass, Madera Canyon just to mention a few historical training roads. With steady temps and a good mix of terrain to ride, trails to run and outdoor swimming pools, it’s obvious why The Cycling House is based in Tucson every winter.

Cycling Camps in Tucson, AZ

November – April, 2014. See our full schedule here

Triathlon Camps in Tucson, AZ

November – April, 2014. See our full schedule here

Our Finalized 2013/14 Camp Schedule

Checkout our new camp schedule for the upcoming year. We have a bunch of cool camps on the calendar this year. We hope to see you at one of our camps soon!

The Cycling House 2013/14 Camp Schedule

The Cycling House 2013/14 Camp Schedule

Please Contact Us to get on a camp roster.


The Cycling House Team

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 12.53.19 PM

The Cycling House In Inside Triathlon Magazine

Checkout The Cycling House in the most recent edition of Inside Triathlon. Pickup the July/August edition of Inside Triathlon or read below. Highlighted are our Missoula, MT roots and also 6 tips on “how to thrive on the downhills”.

Inside Triathlon Magazine | The Cycling House

“The Cycling House helps triathletes improve their riding skills at weeklong camps around the world…” – Inside Triathlon | July/August 2013 Issue | Pages 20 & 58






Click Images Below To Read Articles

 Inside Triathlon Magazine The Cycling House     Inside Triathlon The Cycling House      Inside Triathlon 4

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