The Cycling House was founded in 2005 to provide cycling, triathlete, & running enthusiasts a home away from home in which to train during the winter months. This goal grew out of our own experience. After years of training in Montana winters in pursuit of our professional racing careers we knew firsthand how cold and training-prohibitive the winters can be in colder climates and we wanted to give fellow endurance athletes the opportunity to ride in warmth and sunshine for a few days. With this in mind, we scoured the country for the ideal training destination. The results of this search left Tucson, Arizona head and shoulders above the rest of country because of its superb winter weather, beautiful landscape, strong outdoor culture, and incredible training rides like Mount Lemmon. Tucson became our winter home and the start of The Cycling House.

Since 2005, The Cycling House has hosted hundreds of endurance athletes and worked with abilities of all levels. Whether you’re a road racer looking to upgrade in category, a cyclist looking to train for that big century or Gran Fondo, a triathlete looking to complete your first Ironman or 70.3 or a veteran Ironman triathlete looking to break 10 hours at the Ironman World Championships, The Cycling House Camps are for you.

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Here at The Cycling House we are all about living a healthy lifestyle. That is why we have created a training environment that encourages people to be good to their bodies, be happy and have fun. Instead of trying to navigate through an unfamiliar town in search of a healthy restaurant, at The Cycling House you’ll have a delicious lunch on the table when you come home from a ride and you can nap or read a book while a nutritious and mouth-watering dinner is prepared for you. We want to show our visitors what kind of fitness is obtainable by adopting healthy daily habits. We eliminate the stress of trying to train in an unknown city and instead emphasize sleep, recovery, nutritious food, proper fueling, training, and most of all, having fun. We want you to see how well you can train and how good you can feel when you remove distractions and get proper sleep, nutrition, and recovery.

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Fully Guided & Supported Rides

Our rides are guided and supported by professional riders who are there for you – your domestique, if you will. Our staff will be with you to hand you a water bottle, top-off your Hammer Gel supplies and change a flat. They will keep you informed on what lies on the road ahead in regards to terrain and distance, all while enjoying a good conversation. On the big rides like Mt. Lemmon or Madera Canyon, there will be a sag support vehicle to hand off extra clothing as you gain elevation and the temperatures drop. You will always have a plethora of fuels, food and spare equipment in case it’s needed. You’ll never feel lonely on the road, even during your longest days on the bike.

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Amazing Food

Food is a central part of The Cycling House, and the food here is awesome. We provide meals from various cuisines that is enormously appetizing, satisfying, and healthy. We believe that the quality of calories you consume makes a huge difference in how you feel and thus the quality of your training. We also believe that eating is one of the most enjoyable activities. Thus, we take great care in preparing whole, natural foods with an emphasis on greens and lean protein, and we use sustainable, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible. We also acknowledge that dietary preferences are not a preference, but a necessity for some. So, you can let us know if there are foods you need to avoid or what foods are essential while you are staying at The Cycling House. Additionally, we have no problem preparing vegetarian or gluten free dishes at your request. Check out a sample menu of what you might expect to eat while staying with us.

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The Cycling House is staffed with two professional triathletes, two professional mountain bikers, and a professional road racer. We all race at the top level of our respective sports and over the years we have developed training, pre-race, racing, and recovery techniques, all of which we are happy to share. Pick our brains about the Ironman Hawaii course or what to eat between your morning crit and afternoon time trial. We are here for you so feel free to pick our brains or swap racing stories with us. We are also competent bike mechanics and are usually able to work on any mechanical issues that you may be dealing with while staying with us.