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Cycling House Fleet is flying!

The Cycling House now has a full garage of 2011 Cannondale CAAD 10 rental bikes.

The TCH Rental Fleet

For the most part, the times of easily flying with a bike are over. With several airlines charging upwards of $200 each direction for a bike, it can easily double your airfare in some cases. We wanted to offer our riders the option of not having to deal with the stress and expense of traveling with a bike (or having it shipped ahead of time for that matter).

The CAAD 10 Frame is Cannondale’s lightest aluminium frame ever. It’s 1050 grams, or just over 2.4 lbs. These bikes are stiff and responsive without having a harsh ride.

The CAAD 10 is 1050 grams - light!

Want to try training with Power while you’re at The Cycling House? We’ll set you up for the week with the new PowerTap SL+ with the Joule computer for free. TCH Coach, Brendan Halpin will be on hand to teach you the ins and outs of training with a PowerTap.

Train with the Powertap SL+ available w/ Joule for free!

One parting shot of the rental bikes enjoying the view.

The fleet enjoying the view

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race!

Sam Schultz wins the 2009 Rolling Thunder Cyclo-Cross Race.

Sam Schultz wins the 2009 Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race.

Sam Schultz took home the top prize at the 2009 Rolling Thunder cyclocross race in Missoula, MT.  This is quite possibly the best bike race in the world.  With brisk Montana Fall temperatures, great local microbrews, huge crowns and a stacked field racing under the lights, made this event absolutely unforgettable.
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Hawaii Ironman

Welcome to the seventh issue of The Cycling House Circular.  September and October are exciting months in the cycling and triathlon world.  

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HED Wheels and CycleOps Power Taps

To add to the great line of products at TCH, we are stoked to announce that CycleOps Powertap systems and Hed Wheels will be available to all of our campers to use during their stay. 


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Time off the Bike

The end of the mountain bike race season is always bittersweet. On the one hand my entire life has revolved around bike riding for the past 9 months.  Every decision I have made has had bike riding and racing weighed into the equation. 

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Hammer Camp…Just Like Summer Camp

Just as the flowers bloom, so do we. The Cycling House and Hammer Nutrition’s relationship is continuing to flourish and grow into the 08/09 season.

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TCH By The Numbers – May

Total elevation gain of Mt. Lemmon Highway. Quite possibly the best road biking climb in the United States.

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Owen Gue Hits the Road

The tail end of my van was nearly sparking the pavement as I drove away from The Cycling House to make my way back up to Montana.  With nearly all of my possession’s packed in the Grand Caravan, from the front passenger seat to the rear trunk, it was bursting at the seams.  

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Sam and Andy Schultz Podium

The highlight of this edition is definitely Sam’s account of his last few weeks of being on the road.  His article is the most entertaining thing I’ve read in a long time, so I know you’ll love it.

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A Great Season

Welcome to the first edition of the Cycling House Newsletter.  This will be a fun, interesting, and informative periodical with a variety of different elements.

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