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Dreaming of Europe

European Cycling Trip

I’ve spent the past weeks researching our Europe trips, and while I’m still loving the  Montana summer, I’ve been dreaming of Europe 2015. These trips are already starting to fill, so if amazing espresso, fine wines, and epic riding are on your to-do list for 2015, perhaps you should consider a trip to Spain, Italy or France.

Cycling Camp Mallorca Spain

Mallorca, Spain:

From its strong cycling culture to its delicious and fresh seafood, Mallorca is the perfect fit for any cyclist looking for a sunny Mediterranean cycling vacation. From classic climbs such as Sa Calobra and Coll de Soller to visits to the historic and picturesque villages Soller and Deia, Mallorca is a cyclist’s dream come true.

Tuscany, Italy:

Cyclists require just a few things to make them happy: quite roads, long descents, and good espresso. Tuscany has all of these items, plus incredibly beautiful scenery, making it an ideal cycling destination. Known for its fantastic weather and rich history, there is another reason to visit Italy; the wine. Join The Cycling House, Euro Style, as we take in everything Tuscany has to offer.

Provence, France:

Provence is a dream come true for cyclists. The beautiful southeast region of France is known for waving fields of lavender, winding roads through medieval villages, and, of course, some of the most storied portions of Le Tour de France. We’ll create unforgettable memories as we ride through the olive and wine country north of Nyons, enjoy the incredible cycling history and culture, and conquer the “Giant of Provence;” Mont Ventoux.


The French Alps, France:

There’s no doubt about it: the town of Annecy, in the heart of the French Northern Alps, was bestowed more than her fair share of natural beauty. Jagged, snow capped mountains rise above an almost unbelievably turquoise Lake Annecy, and the Old Town, complete with a medieval castle makes the entire scene daydream-worthy. And that’s without mentioning the incredible cycling! Our routes in the Alps will feature stunning views, challenging climbing, and we’ll have the honor of following in the footsteps of the greats; Hoban, Merckx, and Schleck to name just a few.

Spend your winter training for and dreaming about a summer of riding in Europe. Give us a call or send us an email to sign up for one of our tours. 406-219-1318, or

The Cycling House & BH Bikes

The Cycling  House is so happy to offer BH Bikes. We have loved these bikes for years, and are stoked to have a chance to offer them in our 2014 lineup. They have always been at the forefront of  cycling technology, and are proud  to leverage their deep history of bicycle innovation with modern obsession of research, engineering, design and development.

BH Ultralight RC

BH Ultralight RC

BH has great variety in their lineup, so you’re sure to find the perfect bike for your cycling and tri needs.  Here’s the rundown:

• 2013 BH Ultralight RC: Comfortable for long rides, great first racer.
• 2013 BH Prisma RC: Perfect one quiver bike for the active athlete. 
• 2014 BH Quartz: The best all around bike on our site.
• 2014 BH Quartz Womens: Women’s specific geometry on a carbon stead. 
• 2014 BH RX Team: Best carbon cross bike on the market.


We also have 2013 bikes on sale! Give us a call at 406-219-1318 or email us at


Glacier and Whitefish/ The Crown of the Continent

Going to the Sun Highway is one of the best cycling rides in the country. Photo by Tom Robertson

Going to the Sun Highway is one of the best cycling rides in the country. Photo by Tom Robertson

You probably know by know that The Cycling House is based out of Montana, and we love our state oh so much. There’s no denying that one of the crown jewels of Montana is Glacier National Park, located in the Northwester sector of Montana and straddling the border of the US and Canada. Often referred to as “The Crown of the Continent,” Glacier encompasses over 1 million acres and includes parts of two mountain ranges, over 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals. 

MTB remarketing 2


Coming up this summer we’re offering two scenic rides in the Whitefish/Glacier area. Our first is our Montana Mountain Bike Camp in Whitefish, from August 24th through 29th. This super-fun camp will take place at the Whitefish Bike Retreat; a dedicated cycling facility located on more than 19 acres of wilderness adjacent to the Whitefish Trail network. We’ll spend the week enjoying challenging climbs, sweet descents, and all that the magical town of Whitefish has to offer. Whitefish is full of everything a cyclist could ever hope for including great espresso/bike shop combos at Great Northern Cycles, delicious beer at the Great Northern Brewing Company, and the all-important Sweet Peaks Ice Cream Shop (

Riding around St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park.  Photo by Tom Robertson

Riding around St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Park. Photo by Tom Robertson

In September we’re so excited to offer our Glacier Loop from the 2nd through the 8th. Glacier National Park is such a special place, and we feel so honored to be able to offer this tour with two guides who grew up in nearby Whitefish, and two guides who have worked full seasons in the park. Our mileage on this ride will be between 30 and 50 miles, leaving us plenty of time in the afternoon for hiking and exploring on Glacier’s more than 700 miles of trails. We’ll be staying in hotels, modern cabins and lodges, and all meals are included. This is a fantastic opportunity to see one of the most beautiful spots in the world from your bicycle saddle!

Signing up for these trips is easy! Just go to TRIP RESERVATIONS or give us a call to make your $500 deposit. Come ride with us in Montana!


European Cycling Camps – Spring 2013

After organizing cycling and triathlon training camps in Tucson, AZ for years, we decided to venture out and setup a camp in Europe and invite our loyal riders to join us. A major challenge was that we wanted to keep the same “Cycling House Vibe” at a very fair price without sacrificing the high quality service and rider experience.

The village we base out of in Tuscany

We spent years working on these specific issues and after much trial and error along with successful and thoughtful steps forward the hard work has paid off. We are now planning our 7th European camp and we’ve found exactly what we want to provide Cycling House riders with while they’re in Europe with us.

Mallorca, Spain. Epic riding, amazing people.

 2013 European Cycling Camps

We have two European camps planned for 2013. One in Mallorca, Spain and another in Tuscany, Italy. We’ve organized multiple camps at both of these locations and we’ve decided that these are the best spots for The Cycling House Europe.

Mallorca, Spain

May 13th-19th, 2013

Another beautiful bike ride in Mallorca, Spain

Dinner time in Mallorca at The Cycling House

Taking a break from riding in Mallorca


Tuscany, Italy

May 26th – June 1st, 2013

Our Tuscany, Italy crew taking in the sights.


Chef Drew putting together a masterpiece in the kitchen of The Cycling House Tuscany



Golden Hills and Cypress Trees are a common sight in Tuscany


Getting ready for dinner in the garden at The Cycling House Tuscany

Currently we have spots available in Mallorca and Italy. If you’d like to get on the tentative roster feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to share these amazing places with you.


Study Shows Big Benefits from 1 Week Training Block

At The Cycling House, nearly all of our training camps are based off of a one week training block. At our winter cycling or triathlon camps in Tucson, AZ we call these weeks the “launching pad” for the season. We’ve found that riders that take part in our one week training getaways benefit from the camp an many different ways that in turn help build a solid base for more riding and athletic improvement.

When putting in a big training week, fueling with quality calories is important.

Folks that leave The Cycling House experience: A re-energized focus on their upcoming season’s goals, proper rest and recovery, immediate effects of fueling their bodies with clean and balanced meals (that they don’t have to prepare), revisiting or picking up some bike handling skills, learn how to fuel properly for all distance triathlons and cycling events, a fun atmosphere where they can share the experiences with folks that have the same love for endurance sports.

Ironman Champion, Lindsey Corbin leading a stretching session at camp

One of the most resounding pieces of feedback we get after riders leave camp is that after they took a few days for recovery and eased back into riding, they came back stronger then they expected after just a few days of big volume and intensity at camp. We are happy to see this articulated in a recent Bicycling Magazine blog post.

It's always more fun to put in a big week of training with friends. Coach Jeff Cuddeback (3rd from L) agrees at his Cycling House training camp.

Below is the post by Erica Murphy of Bicycling Magazine.

One Week to a Stronger Ride

By Erica Murphy 

Struggling to fit training rides into your crowded calendar? A new study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found that one big week of training packs more benefits than four weeks of moderate intensity.

During the study, 19 trained male cyclists were divided into two groups, each of which used a different training method. The cyclists using the block periodization plan trained at high intensity five times during the first week, then mixed one high-intensity session with several low-intensity sessions, such as a leisurely bike ride or cross-country skiing, over the next three weeks. The other group used traditional periodization training, where all four weeks are the same. These cyclists trained at a high intensity two times per week and performed at a low intensity for the rest of the week’s sessions.

The high-intensity sessions involved interval training. Cyclists would alternate between 6×5- and 5×6-minute intervals, with 2–3 minutes of recovery in between. Cyclists went all out during the interval sessions.

To measure the training plans’ effectiveness, cyclists rated the heaviness of their legs after a workout, fit their bikes with power meters, and wore heart rate monitors to gauge intensity.

At the end of the four weeks, the study concluded that the cyclists who were part of the block periodization plan had increased their VO2 max (oxygen capacity), endurance (time to exhaustion), and maximum power output.

Study author Bent Ronnestad says, “By organizing the high-intensity endurance training into a large stimulus, followed by a recovery period, you induce better adaptations for endurance performance.”

Ronnestad notes that the organization—loading more workouts into a single week—was a surprising finding since both groups of cyclists were performing the same workouts.

Though the test subjects were male, Ronnestad believes that women would respond just as well. For the average cyclist, Ronnestad is confident that the block periodization method yields long-term results.

Cycling House Wisconsin – Midwest Success!

Madison, Wisconsin might be one of the best kept secrets for cycling in the United States.  This past week The Cycling House hosted our inaugeral Wisconsin camp in Dodgeville just west of Madison, Wisconsin.  The camp was a smashing success and campers cycled on some of the best roads I have ridden in The United States.  If you are not looking for some challenging terrain you should look else where; but if you like lots of climbing, very low traffic roads, and barns then Wisconsin is the place for you!

The TCH Wisconsin crew at the Barn.

The Cycling House was able to offer campers a chance to train for a week, eat great food, and relax at a very affordable rate.  Typically camps with The Cycling House are a little more expensive because of first class houses. For this camp we took a different approach and kept the general formula the same but had  true camp style accommodations.   When you arrived at Bethel Horizons you instantly started to have that long lost feeling of a kid headed to camp.  The barn offered all of the necessites; wi-fi, a great kitchen, Hammer Nutriton fuels, a deck with a beautiful views, and a very peaceful setting in the woods of Wisconsin.  The setting was the perfect place to log some serious miles and the nearby lake and running trails made Bethel Horizons a mecca for triathlon training!

Team TCH

The weekly schedule at TCH Wisconsin was no different than any of our other camps.  The longest option for the campers was nearly 350 miles with over 25,000 feet of climbing.  Fortunately the desolate roads, rolling hills and spectacular views were great motivation to add on the extra miles and over extend a little.  The camp fell right at the start of everyones summer season so the extra miles will go to good use.  A typical ride at camp looked something like this; 60-ish miles, 5000 feet of climbing, 5 vehicle on the roads, 1-2 tractors, and beautiful roads.  I can honestly say I have never ridden anywhere in the world that has better less populated roads than Wisconsin.  I was totally impressed and Wisconsin will forever be on my radar as a great place to train!  Less than 2 miles from the barn we had Governor Dodge State Park which offered a great lake for open water swimming and over 20 miles of great running trails.  We made the trip over to the lake nearly every day and campers were able to dial in their open water skills over the course of the week.

Open Roads!

Another added benefit was getting a chance to ride a loop of the infamous Ironman Wisconsin bike course.  The course loop was the only day in 6 days of cycling that we shuttled (plenty of roads in every direction) and campers were able to get a taste of Ironman Wisconsin or reminisce about racing here.  Evenings were spent on the deck of the barn talking about the day and soaking in the last little bits of sunshine after some perfect days of training and great food.

Wisconsin traffic.

It seems needless to say but we will be returning to Wisconsin in 2013 for sure!  If you are considering Ironman Wisconsin or even Ironman racing this is a great opportunity to train and learn.  I was able to offer my own personal experiences from racing at the professional circuit with everything from fueling with Hammer Nutriton, pacing, race strategy, etc.  Our other full time staffer; Jim Bruskewitz, an Ironman Hawaii podium finisher, Olympic age group world champion, coach and all around good guy offered up his knowledge from over 20 years of racing and coaching in the sport of triathlon.  Jim Bruskewitz also works for Hammer Nutriiton and is their expert on electrical stimulation and Compex.  Campers had the opportunity to use all of the Hammer Nutrition products and also use Compex over the course of the week and reap the benefits of active recovery.

Our Wisconsin support vehicle.

So mark your calendars, check The Cycling House website for camp dates, and start riding some hills to get ready for TCH Wisconsin 2013! The camp should fall sometime in early June next year. After camp I logged a few extra miles in Madison before I started my Ironman drive back to Montana.  Next weekend I will be racing Ironman Coeur D’Alene in Idaho so be on the lookout for my bright green Hammer Nutrition kit. The Cycling House staff will have the next couple of months off and will be based in Montana, if you are in the area be in touch.  I hope everyone has a great summer!

Tucson, Arizona Training Camp Dates

We’ve had a great 2012 cycling season in Tucson, AZ. We’ve hosted some epic Cycling and Triathlon Training Camps this year. If you want to jump into one of our spring camps we still have a couple spots remaining in April. This could be the perfect way to jump start your season.

Cycling to Gates Pass in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ April Training Camp Dates:

April 3rd-7th, 2012 (2 spots remaining)

April 11th-17th, 2012  (3 spots remaining)

Contact us if you’re interested in joining one of these camps. We’ll send over the ride, swim and run schedule along with some meals that Drew has been chefing up!

Pro Triathlete, Brendan Halpin putting on a triathlon transition demo at The Cycling House

Tucson, AZ April Training Camp Dates:

April 3rd-7th, 2012 & April 11th-17th, 2012

Contact us if you’re interested in joining one of these camps.

Also, check out our training camp lineup for Wisconsin (Horrible Hilly Hundred and Ironman Wisconsin Training), Mallorca, Spain and Vail, Colorado High Altitude Camps.


Chef Drew has been preparing some amazing meals during our training camps. One of his specialties is dressings for salads of all kinds.


Riders at the top of Mount Lemmon. 6000 feet of climbing with incredible views.

The Cycling House to host 53×11 Coffee Camp!

The Cycling House exclusively drinks 53x11 Coffee

The Cycling House exclusively drinks 53x11 Coffee

Date: January 4th-10th, 2010
Evan Lawrence of 53×11 Coffee has secured a spot at The Cycling House this winter for their inagural 53×11 Coffee Camp!

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Brendan Halpin Interview with

Brendan Halpin rides with a smile

Cycling House staffer, Brendan Halpin, recently had an interview with Brendan Halpin has had an amazing season and he’s been turning heads ever since his great performance at Wildflower in California. Just a few weeks after leaving The Cycling House, Brendan dominated the amateur field and put up the 4th fastest run overall.

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March by the Number

3 - Number of floor pumps that TCH has blown out this season.

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