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Linsey Corbin Tri Camp – Warm and Sunny!

The Cycling House had the privilege of hosting a triathlon specific camp with Ironman Champion Linsey Corbin.  The camp was the second annual and we were joined by 17 campers from around the country.  Linsey has become one of the top Americans in long course triathlon and this past season she finished 3rd at the 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Linsey is a true student of the sport and had a wealth of knowledge to offer campers over the course of the week.  TCH staff was lead by Brendan Halpin, Corbin’s close friend and fellow training partner in Montana and head coach at TCH. TCH’s staff was able to offer their personal experiences and a highlight was a descending clinic by Owen Gue.  The focus on food, recovery, training, sleeping, and relaxing helped everyone push themselves past their normal training limits and participate in daily swims, bikes, runs, core and stretching sessions.  Our chef; Drew aka. Tarzan, offered camps a wide variety of foods that used some of the local ingredients.

Pizza night at The Cycling House!

The camp had some amazing weather and everyone left with some good tan lines to prove it!  Campers had the opportunity to swim 10-15k, bike over 250 miles, and run 20+ miles all in the course of 5 days of training.  Evenings were spent discussing training, nutrition, or whatever other topics came to mind. The competitiveness of the group made for some fun training and all around good fun.  The gauntlet was thrown early and newcomer Kyle Hamilton was the KOM on Mount Lemmon.  The TCH awards were given to Mike Seal for most improved rider and Mike Nolan as most inspirational rider.  We expect big things from the campers in their summer races and about half of the group will be racing Ironman NYC in August.  I was really impressed with how the group bonded over the week and I’m already excited for the 3rd annual Linsey Corbin triathlon camp in 2013.

Linsey Corbin leads the pack on Gates Pass.

A new feature for The Cycling House 2012 camp blogs will be a glimpse of a recipe from our head Chef Drew aka Tarzan.  Drew has made a reputation for himself in the kitchen and his salad dressings recipes have been in high demand.  You asked for it, so here it is…….

Blue Palo Verde Vinaigrette

Just one of Drew’s amazing dishes

The Blue Palo Verde Vinaigrette is great on steak salad or ahi tuna salad.  Combine all of the ingredients into a food processor or a blender.  For a little extra spice add red pepper of Cayenne.  Fill up an old glass bottle with the dressing and enjoy!

-1/2 cup olive oil

-2 fresh squeezed limes

-1 chipotle pepper in adobe sauce

-1/2 cup of chopped cilantro

-3 gloves of garlic

-salt and pepper to taste

“Best looking crew yet” at the top of Madera Canyon

The tentative dates for the 3rd annual Linsey Corbin triathlon camp at The Cycling House are January 29-February 3rd.  Check The Cycling House camp pages for official dates and camp information.  Up next is the February Hammer Nutrition camp.

Staff Update for November

Brendan: Moving Up in the World

After being car-less for over a year and a half, Brendan finally broke down and purchased a beautiful four-wheeled motorized vehicle.  He only wanted to buy something that reflected his inner spirit and had real character and until now he just couldn’t find that perfect ride. 

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Hawaii Ironman

Welcome to the seventh issue of The Cycling House Circular.  September and October are exciting months in the cycling and triathlon world.  

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Cycling House Campers Racing Fast

TCH Campers have been racing hard and fast lately. Tina Brubaker is one of our featured athletes today.

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June By The Numbers

67: Page number in Velo News that contains a great article on Sam Schultz at The Cycling House in Tucson, AZ. 

412: Number of miles Matt Villani rode while he stayed at TCH (he only stayed for 4 days)!


76: Percent of days booked for TCH Tucson 08/09 Season. El Tour de Tucson will be a great time to come down and check out our facility.

5: millimeters of separation in Owen’s shoulder when he crashed his mountain bike 2 weeks ago (steep downhill, night time, and rail road ties can be a toxic mixture).

If your looking to train somewhere this winter for your Ironman Triathlon, road race or marathon then check out The Cycling House Services. They are an all-inclusive training destination for cyclists and triathletes who want to get away from their cold winter climates. We will provided you with a pair of our HED wheels. We love the H3 for the front and the Stinger Disc rear if your time trialing or competing in triathlon.

The Cycling House Visitors Throwing Down


Congrats to Jeff Cuddeback and Darren Cox for doing incredibly well at Ironman Arizona, and qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.

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