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Video of Sam and Owen Racing at Rolling Thunder Cyclocross

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Check out this video of Sam Schultz and Owen Gue racing the Rolling Thunder cyclocross race in Missoula, MT. Sam Schultz hops the barriers while Owen “chooses” to run.
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Brendan Halpin Interview with

Brendan Halpin rides with a smile

Cycling House staffer, Brendan Halpin, recently had an interview with Brendan Halpin has had an amazing season and he’s been turning heads ever since his great performance at Wildflower in California. Just a few weeks after leaving The Cycling House, Brendan dominated the amateur field and put up the 4th fastest run overall.

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HED Wheels and CycleOps Power Taps

To add to the great line of products at TCH, we are stoked to announce that CycleOps Powertap systems and Hed Wheels will be available to all of our campers to use during their stay. 


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Archives and Calendar added to Cycling House Site

We now have a TCH Circular archive page on our website. Now you can go back and read any of our previous newsletters.

 The “booked” days may still have some open slots so email me your 08/09 inquiries.  Book your spot at The Cycling House for this upcoming season in Tucson, AZ for some amazing cycling rides.  Let us know if you would like to ride with the newest HED Jet or stinger wheels or if you’d like to try out the new Garmin forerunner 310xt, or the edge 705.