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New Staff Introduction: Camp Coordinator Sarah Raz

I’d like to introduce myself as the latest member of  The Cycling House Team. My name is Sarah, and I’m the Camp Coordinator, which basically means call me anytime about questions you might have about upcoming or past trips, logistics questions as you are planning your trip, or if you just want to talk about a good ride you had :-)


I’m from Virginia originally but I moved out to Montana for the mountains about 10 years ago and in my spare time I like to cook, drink coffee, run, ski, and of course, ride bikes. I usually measure exciting times in my life by which ride I was on when they happened. For example:


Two years ago, I got engaged on a mountain bike trip in Baja.

ak to mex

My fiance Josh and I decided to test our commitment before we got married by taking a 4 month bike trip from Alaska to Mexico via the Great Divide.

ak to mex

We decided it was worth the plunge and got married in a bike-y ceremony last summer.

just married

I’m looking forward to seeing which rides I go on with you and The Cycling House!

Photos by Josh Tack


Looking Back – 1st Annual Tour de Montana

The Cycling House hosted our first point to point Montana cycling trip this past week. The point to point trip across Montana had been a pipe dream for many TCH staffers.

Tour de Montana - The Cycling House

Catching the morning light in Montana

Over the years our clients have learned that Missoula, Montana is the center of the universe and Montana is the best state out there. The Tour De Montana was our chance to prove exactly why Montana is such a great state and really showcase our back yard. Almost every Cycling House staffer has lived in Montana at some point in their lives and we all know why Montana is such a special place.

Riding over the Pioneer Mountains

Riding over the Pioneer Mountains

The point to point format offered a chance to create a route that would cover a very unique, desolate, beautiful part of the state. We knew that breathtaking views, big skies, quiet roads, mountain ranges, picturesque streams and rivers would be what campers would expect to find in Montana. The route covered all of the above and more!

One of our 6 campsites at the Tour de Montana. Photo - Heidi Swift

One of our 6 campsites at the Tour de Montana. Photo – Heidi Swift

The Tour De Montana started at Owen Gue’s family’s house (the Gue Farm) just west of downtown Missoula, Montana. Unlike all of our other trips we would be a traveling caravan and our accommodations would be tents and camping cabins. We might have been “roughing it” but that did not keep us from having wifi, espresso, tour de France viewing, showers, or Chef Drew’s amazing food!

Chef Drew was fully present at the Tour de Montana

Chef Drew was fully present at the Tour de Montana. Photo – Heidi Swift

The Gue farm was the perfect location for campers to start to get the Montana feel that the tour would offer. The first evening we headed out on the town for an excellent meal at Caffe Dolce for our last civlilized meal before heading out into the great unknown. Le Petit Outre, Birdman Bread, Big Sky Brewing, and Black Coffee Roasting Company all local Missoula businesses donated supplies for the trip including; pastries, pizza dough, baguettes, bread, beer, and coffee. It was amazing to have the support of some of our favorite Missoula businesses as we ventured into a new realm of bicycle trips for The Cycling House.

Getting ready for the map meeting led by Shaun Radley

Getting ready for the map meeting led by Shaun Radley

The Tour De Montana started in Missoula, Montana headed south towards the Bitterroot mountains climbed into the Big Hole Valley paralleled the Pioneer & Pintler Mountain ranges and completed the loop along the Blackfoot River back into Missoula. The course offered some of the best views in Montana along some of the best cycling routes available. Low traffic, near perfect weather and amazing support made the Tour De Montana an amazing trip.

Part of our crew at the top of Lost Trail Pass on the Idaho boarder.

Part of our crew at the top of Lost Trail Pass on the Idaho boarder. Photo – Heidi Swift

Campers also had the opportunity to fly fish on a pristine Montana river after receiving fly fishing lessons from Chris Corbin husband of Linsey Corbin (top American professional triathlete and Missoula resident). Linsey and Chris joined us for dinner and Olympic mountain biker, Sam Schultz (another Missoula resident) popped in to fish and have dinner as well. I’m sure all of the Tour De Montana participants would agree when I declare the Tour De Montana a smashing success! The Tour De Montana might be best described as, “EPIC” but you will have to sign up for 2014 to find out for yourself.

Camp Director, Shaun Radley, cooling off after a long day

Camp Director, Shaun Radley, cooling off after a long day

Tour de Montana 2014

July 14-20, 2014


Racing Bikes in the Mountains of Montana

July 23rd and 24th will likely be the best weekend of your summer if you’re able to make it to Missoula, MT for the Missoula Pro XCT Mountain Bike Race.

Sam Schultz Missoula Boy

Sam Schultz is the local hero and the favorite for this race. He'll have his work cutout battling the local lunatics (seen here 2nd and 3rd in line behind Sam) as well as the rest of the pro field.

The venue is perfectly nestled just a couples miles from the center of the universe (right of center) at an old ma and pa ski area that most of the Cycling House staff grew up night skiing at.  There will be great local beer, awesome live music, die hard fans, tasty local food and the attendance of the best professional riders in the US. This is the National Pro XCT Series Finals! If  you want to learn more about this event then check out this link.

Andy Schultz will be happy to race on the dirt that he rolled in as a youngster


Missoula XC Mountain Bike Race


Don't be surprised if you see a few axes and crazy people running around.


Montana Life by Brendan Halpin

Training, racing, coaching, cold beer and injuries. Brendan Halpin checks in from Missoula, MT. Click here to read his update.

Linsey Corbin Tri Camp is Underway!

Pro Triathletes Linsey Corbin and Brendan Halpin are hosting an epic triathlon camp at The Cycling House in Tucson, AZ. There has been an added element of character building at this camp due to record lows here in Southern Arizona.  That being said, we have an amazing group of campers and their upbeat attitudes are incredible!

The Tri crew heading out for their afternoon run.

Linsey Corbin is fresh off her latest  70.3 win in Pucon, Chile. She’s a fellow Montanan and close friends with the crew at The Cycling House.  Brendan just PR’d with a time of 2:38 at the Rock n Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ!

Pre-Breakfast stretch and core session at The Cycling House

Both Brendan and Linsey started racing triathlons together while going to school at the University of Montana. Ever since then their friendship has grown as well as their success in the sport.

Brendan Halpin leads the group to the base of Gates Pass

Ty Brookhart has been preparing some AMAZING food this week!

Our first couple of rides were cold but Linsey and Brendan credited these workouts to aid in being better prepared to deal with tough, miserable races later on the road

Wide open desert roads in Arizona

TCH Staffer, Anya Wechsler is ready to lead some trail runs

Part-time staffer, Emily Kipp is just coming off a 40 day bike tour down the CA coast. She makes sure the wine is flowing...

Linsey and Jodie cresting the top of Gates Pass. It's all down hill to lunch.

Stay tuned for more updates. We thank Linsey and Brendan for making this such a memorable week!

Cycling House is Front Page News in Missoula, MT

Owen Gue, Jen Luebke and Brendan Halpin riding mountain bikes in Missoula, MT. Photo courtesy of Linda Thompson

Owen Gue, Jen Luebke and Brendan Halpin riding mountain bikes in Missoula, MT. Photo courtesy of Linda Thompson

The Cycling House was featured on the front page of the Missoulian, the daily newspaper in Missoula, MT. Owen, Jen and Brendan sat down with reporter, Betsy Cohen to explain why they love what they do for a living. Read this article in The Cycling House News section.

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The Cycling House Receives Plug From

Owen Gue Racing at Rolling Thunder in Missoula, MT

Owen Gue Racing at Rolling Thunder. Photo Courtesy of Tom Robertson Photography

The Cycling House Received props at after a good showing at the Rolling Thunder Cyclocross race in Missoula, MT. Owen Gue, owner of The Cycling House raced well along side friend and fellow Cycling House staffer, Sam Schultz who won the event.
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Hawaii Ironman

Welcome to the seventh issue of The Cycling House Circular.  September and October are exciting months in the cycling and triathlon world.  

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An Outsiders View

I’m sweating something fierce pedaling up single track in the Rattlesnake of Missoula, MT. I usually bring up the rear. The crew I ride with are some of the strongest riders I know.  

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August Staff Update

Wearing It With Pride By Andy Schultz

Ahhh, the dog days of summer.  A time of sun, heat, and lightning.  Of barbeques, family reunions, and weddings.  Of rivers, beaches, and lakes.  Of  tanning, swimming, and embarrassment.  

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