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Rolling Thunder and The Crow’s Nest

If you’ve spent time at The Cycling House over the past few years then you’ve probably heard about Rolling Thunder. The cyclocross race that happens under the cover of darkness in Missoula, MT, where fans are crazy and the course gives riders goosebumps. For the folks that take part in the event, whether they are spectators, volunteers or racers, Rolling Thunder is an annual highlight. And for some, it’s the best weekend of the year.

Racers' view on the start line just before the gun. Photo by Tom Robertson

Shaun Radley and Friends

One of the best things about this race is how Shaun Radley, founder and promoter of Rolling Thunder, gets his friends, local businesses and the whole cycling community involved. One example of this is during the race course design and building process. The course changes every year and one of Shaun’s go-to guys since day one is Doug Schryock of Wild Rockies Landscaping. Doug lives in his Bobcat tractor all year doing high-end landscaping so when it comes to moving dirt, building berms and mowing down the weeds, he’s all over it.

Sam Schultz is legendary at Rolling Thunder. Hitting kickers, taking a beer feed now and then, and throwing down on his home turf.

The Cycling House Beer Tent

Last year The Cycling House wanted to find a unique way to sponsor Rolling Thunder so we came up with what is now known as The Cycling House Beer Tent.  We provide a great spot to view the race, handout beer from Big Sky Brewing, add some tiki torches, a heat lamp, one couch and Christmas lights and we’re in business.  The beer is free but we take donations and every penny that we raise during this race goes to the men’s final podium. last year we raised nearly $800. This year the goal is $1000.

Sam Schultz hopping the barriers in front The Cycling House Beer Tent. Photo by Tom Robertson

The Crow’s Nest

One of the most exciting additions to our sponsorship is the Crow’s Nest. Perched on top of the big white van, the crows nest give spectators a unobscured 360 degree view of the race. It’s like stopping for a glance at one of the vistas on Mount Lemmon… beautiful.

The Crow's Nest under construction

If you find yourself in Missoula, MT this weekend, come check it out. Racing starts at 11am on Saturday. The Grand Finale starts at 8pm. Here are all the details.

Owen Gue grabs a dollar at the top of the run-up.

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Video of Sam and Owen Racing at Rolling Thunder Cyclocross

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

Check out this video of Sam Schultz and Owen Gue racing the Rolling Thunder cyclocross race in Missoula, MT. Sam Schultz hops the barriers while Owen “chooses” to run.
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The Cycling House Receives Plug From

Owen Gue Racing at Rolling Thunder in Missoula, MT

Owen Gue Racing at Rolling Thunder. Photo Courtesy of Tom Robertson Photography

The Cycling House Received props at after a good showing at the Rolling Thunder Cyclocross race in Missoula, MT. Owen Gue, owner of The Cycling House raced well along side friend and fellow Cycling House staffer, Sam Schultz who won the event.
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TCH to Sponsor Rolling Thunder CX Race

Sam Schultz Flying High at Rolling Thunder

The Cycling House is sponsoring the best cyclo-cross race in the United States. Held in Missoula, MT under the lights, the atmosphere is electrifying. Fans (and racers) enjoy a plentiful beer garden with the best local brews, podium girls, stacked categories, and one heck of a great race course.
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Staff Update for November

Brendan: Moving Up in the World

After being car-less for over a year and a half, Brendan finally broke down and purchased a beautiful four-wheeled motorized vehicle.  He only wanted to buy something that reflected his inner spirit and had real character and until now he just couldn’t find that perfect ride. 

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